Cardboard Bonsai Tree

Today I made a super cool Bonsai tree! They are so cute and fairly easy to make! Here is the link to the instructions: Cardboard Bonsai Tree. Here is mine that I made! Hope you enjoy!Photo on 6-3-16 at 11.25 AM


Washington DC!

Hi everyone!!! This week I am on vacation in Washington DC!!! It is so amazing!! Yesterday we went to the Capitol building, FBI HQ, we saw the House and the Senate, Supreme Court,   and Library of Congress. Today we saw the Holocaust Museum, the Mint, American History Museum, and the National Archives. We are having a ton of fun here in DC!!!!


Hey guys! As you might know I like to write books!!! Well, here is one that I have written and I think you will enjoy!! Click here: Different. You can follow me on Storybird and never miss a book!


I recently found this awesome EOS lip balm refill tutorial on Pinterest and I had to try it  out! I think that it is awesome that I can make my own EOS. I still like the real stuff better, but it is kind of expensive. I think that this is a pretty close match to the real deal. My only thing is that I think that there is too much vitamin E oil in the lip balm so I would suggest using 1/4 tsp. instead of 1/2. This is how mine turned out:Photo on 3-4-16 at 1.09 PMThis is the link to the website so you can make your own:  PEPPERMINT LIP BALM EOS REFILL