Goodbye Cambodia

Hi everyone! Thank you so much for following my travels on my blog! I am on the last air plane going from Toronto to Columbus. It is a one hour flight, which feels like a 15 – 30 minutes after you have been on a 12 hour flight. It was a very sad Wednesday for us, there were many, many tears and goodbyes between sobs.  We had a 5 hr flight to S. Korea and then an 11 hr layover. We got a tour of Seol which was pretty cool and got to shower. Then the worst part, the 12 hr flight. If I describe it here you will most likely: 1. Fall asleep, 2. Skip the section, 3. Stop reading, 4. Be bored out of your mind, 5. All of the above. And we are caught up to now, I am blogging (obviously), and trying keep my self and my dad awake. That is all for now! 


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